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Private Investigator Services

Owl Investigations Private Investigator Services;

Thank you for visiting Owl Investigations private investigator services page. We hope that we can help you soon. No matter how trivial a situation may seem, if it is troubling you, please speak to us.  

The company was established in 2001 and came under new management in August 2017.

We’re proud to be a local firm working with the residents, businesses, legal and government bodies in the area. As UK Professional Investigators Network members, we’re industry approved professionals, follow private investigation services regulations and all legislation.

Owl Investigations team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week because we appreciate that situations don’t always present themselves at the most convenient times. 

Owl Investigations Introduction

All Private Investigator Services Are Available in Leeds And Surrounding Areas.


Owl Investigations Your Local Private Investigator Service in Leeds.

  • Investigations and undercover investigations – We are skilled operatives who work without being uncovered and secure evidence adeptly. Confidentiality is guaranteed to clients. 

Owl Investigations Ltd - Introduction

  • Surveillance – Surveillance delivers definitive results. Visual proof is always provided in high definition.


Owl Investigations Ltd – Surveillance

  • Cheating partner investigations – We objectively assess whether your relationship is being threatened. Humans are wired to detect when something is amiss, so please trust your instincts, rarely are they at fault.


Owl Investigations Ltd – Cheating Partners

  • Co-habitation investigations – When a person claims financial support from an ex-partner, but they have a new partner and are ineligible for payments, this may constitute as fraud.


Owl Investigations Ltd – Surveillance

  • Tracing – Owl Investigations finds people on a “no find, no fee” basis. Most tracing investigations are resolved within 48 hours of first contact with the client.

Owl Investigations Ltd – Tracing

  • Employee investigations  This term covers theft to intimidation, alcohol abuse to ignoring legislative requirements, industrial espionage to productivity issues.
  • Moonlighting – Employees sometimes choose to work for more than one company at the same time; our private investigations services team will identify who is guilty and what exactly is occurring.
  • False sick leave – We’re experienced and garner evidence to show if the case is genuine or whether a disciplinary or legal hearing is the likely next step.


Owl Investigations Ltd – Employee Investigations

  • False compensation claims – We confirm the integrity of a compensation claim. Our evidence can halt court proceedings or help confirm genuine claims.


Owl Investigations Ltd – False Compensation/Insurance Claims

  • Vehicle Tracking – Our private investigation services team use advanced GPS tracking devices for a company fleet or a single vehicle. Readings are taken up to every 10 seconds with 5 metre accuracy.


Owl Investigations Ltd – Tracking

  •  Bugging device sweeping – Remote, audio and visual bugging devices are ever more easily obtainable online, and they are being used unethically.

Bug Sweeping Leeds


Owl Investigations Ltd - Bug Sweeping

Contact our private investigator services team today and obtain facts that banish worries.

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Visit – 2 Infirmary Street, Leeds, LS1 2JP

Before completing the contact form or initiating contact with Owl Investigations it is advised that you read and are fully aware of our Privacy Policy.

Owl Investigations Ltd Privacy Policy CLICK HERE.

Private Investigation Services


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