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Employee Investigations in Leeds

Owl Investigations Ltd

Employee Investigations in Leeds

Thank you for visiting Owl Investigations employee investigations in Leeds information. We sincerely hope that you entrust us with your sensitive investigation.  

Our specialists work with private individuals, commercial clients, the legal sector and government departments to remove suspicions or doubts and to address fraudulent activity, especially compensation claims and sick leave cases.

Our company was established in 2001 and in August 2017 gained new owners. Owl Investigations has positive testimonials from Leeds based, and further afield, clients which people are welcome to view. We’re proud of our outstanding reputation and to be members of the UK Professional Investigators Network.

Employee Investigations in Leeds

Owl Investigations - Employee Investigations

Employee Investigations in Leeds

We’re locals who know the area well which can make a huge difference to you. National firms may charge travel and accommodation fees and need to learn about geographical and socio-economic trends and communities.

They could give the case to a subcontractor who isn’t as committed as an in-house expert because they get paid no matter how hard they work. Our team of highly qualified and experienced investigators just get on with the task and deliver accurate results.

Your employee investigations in Leeds are confidential; we work with tact and in line with legislation, including The Data Protection Act 1998.

Crime figures don’t make for inspiring reading; crimes in Leeds Central average at approximately 2500 per month but not every crime is blatant as others. Fraudulent activity in the workplace including false compensation claims and unnecessary sick leave is more common than you’d suspect because opportunism and greed are leading people towards unwise courses of action, at their employer’s expense.

Objective professionals are an invaluable resource, we don’t feel the impact of the emotions which may divert you from the truth.

Amongst the Services we offer private investigator in Leeds specialise in;Employee Investigations in Leeds

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Owl Investigations – Employee Investigations In Leeds

The employee investigations in Leeds team has managed many sick leave and compensation cases. We’ve established the legitimacy of claims, halted court action and provided information that was used in disciplinary proceedings. We’re ready to help you. 

Our team members know from years of conducting employee investigations that it’s rare for a client’s instincts to be incorrect. Trust yourself if you feel uneasy or if you’re picking up on something that seems odd, a little off, unexpected or too convenient.  

Dismissing suspicions is a primary way to ensure that a fraudulent scheme achieves success so contact professional employee investigations in Leeds specialists to minimise damage to the company, morale and productivity.

Despite what a third party may wish you to believe you aren’t mad, imagining a problem or paranoid.  We’ve seen many improbable situations be true.

Hiring trained experts can seem daunting or make a problem seem uncomfortably real but living with unanswered questions is draining. You deserve better. With solid data and evidence, you have the freedom to move forward, even if that’s in an alternative direction to the one imagined.

With Owl Investigations, your situation will be resolved with accuracy, dedication, efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

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Employee Investigations in Leeds

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Let Owl Investigations  Take You Under Our Wing

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