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Tracing in Leeds

Tracing In Leeds

Leeds Tracing Specialists

Welcome to Owl Investigations tracing in Leeds page.

Please contact Owl Investigations by phone on 0113 4333106 or if you prefer to use e-mail it’s [email protected]

Since our establishment in 2001 we’ve helped to reunite families and friends, missing people and runaways, found debtors and witnesses of crimes for commercial and legal teams. We’re proud to be local and our familiarity with the locality and interest in our communities means that we have an immediate advantage over national firms with offices based several miles away. We can hit the ground running which often decreases distress and time between initial client contact and a positive result.

Since August 2017 we’ve been under new management and we’re more determined than ever to reconnect people and restore peace of mind.

Owl Investigations Ltd – Tracing

Tracing In Leeds

Our tracing in Leeds specialists are dedicated, adept and compassionate. They also have extensive experience in this area of investigation. 

Owl Investigations tracing in Leeds specialists don’t have the same restrictions placed on them as members of the public. Under licence, we can access data which is not available in the public domain. We are aided by extensive in-house databases plus industry colleagues locally, nationally and internationally. Even when someone doesn’t want to be found, this isn’t a problem, they can and normally are found within 48 hours. If, on very rare occasions we can’t locate someone, we don’t charge. We have a “no find, no fee” promise.

No Find – No Fee Guarantee.

Amongst the Services we offer private investigator in Leeds specialise in;

Tracing In Leeds

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Owl Investigators – Your Local Investigator

The National Crime Agency’s 2014 national statistics showed that 89% of missing people were discovered within 48 hours and 97% of these were found safe.

  • Find missing/runaway relatives or friends.
  • Trace long lost family members.
  • Locate old school or university students.
  • Seek witnesses or a missing accused party for legal clients.
  • Discover where debtors are hiding.

Although as much information as possible is best, only minimal information is required to initiate a tracing in Leeds investigation:


  • Full name.
  • Last known address.
  • Date of birth.

And when it is appropriate to do so, we contact:

  • Associates
  • Creditors
  • Employers
  • Neighbours
  • Organisations that may have knowledge of the subject. e.g. Shelters/charities/the police/Missing Persons Unit.

We don’t blunder in to a distressing situation and make you feel worse. As professionals, we’ve seen it all and you have no need to worry that we’ll judge or challenge you about actions. We all want the same thing – to find the person.  

For business and legal oriented cases, we are proud to locate the missing person so that a situation can be addressed; payment of owed money pursued, attendance at a court date, an ex-employee facing in-house investigation about inappropriate behaviour.


Owl Investigations tracing in Leeds team…

  • Don’t waste a client’s money or time.
  • Don’t abuse a client’s trust, lie or mislead them.
  • Don’t make the client’s distress last for any longer than necessary.
  • Don’t miss opportunities.
  • Don’t pretend to have the answers when we don’t, we keep working.
  • Don’t betray confidences.

So, to trace someone, why not call us today to learn more.

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