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Leeds Detectives

Leeds Detectives

Welcome to Owl Investigations Leeds detectives information. We hope that our skills and experience will prove beneficial to you. Our company was established in 2001 and since August 2017 we’ve been under new management, it’s an exciting new chapter in our story. We’re members of the UK Professional Investigators Network.

Proud to be locally based Leeds detectives, we deliver accurate, cost-effective and efficient investigations with high definition quality evidence which can be used during disciplinaries and during court proceedings. Our team plans and executes investigations meticulously and we don’t miss opportunities. That wouldn’t be fair to our clients, who have our utmost respect.

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Owl Investigations Ltd - Introduction

Leeds Detectives

  • During a free initial inquiry, no personal details are necessary.
  • Our Leeds detectives offer their objective professional opinion based on years of experience.
  • If you decide to proceed we discuss your case requirements and the costs involved in depth.
  • The choice is yours; you can leave the conversation and never hear from Owl Investigations Leeds detectives again or instruct us to start work on your case.
  • The subject of the investigation will never learn from us that they are or were in our caseload.

Amongst the Services we offer private investigator in Leeds specialise in;Leeds Detectives

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Leeds Detectives – Owl Investigations In Leeds

Owl Investigations Leeds detectives are competent with cutting edge technology. We pull electronic data from mobile phones, provide high quality time-stamped photographs and video footage, install and monitor GPS tracking devices on vehicles, for example.

We are equally adept at working undercover and assuming a character so that we fit in to the environment in which we find ourselves, whether it’s in a commercial, legal, government or private based scenario. 

Under licence, our Leeds detectives access data which is not available in the public domain. We possess extensive in-house databases and can call on industry colleagues locally, nationally and internationally.

Confidentiality is guaranteed. Our Leeds detectives act in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998, abide by the law and stringent industry regulations; your faith in us won’t be misplaced. Your case never becomes gossip, we don’t discuss cases outside of the work environment. There are no exceptions.

Peace of mind is an invaluable commodity. If you are enduring sleepless nights, a loss of appetite, a mind whirling with questions, suspicions and possible scenarios, you deserve better, you deserve the truth.

Our Leeds detectives understand that although we can’t deliver happy news at the conclusion of every investigation, our abilities, tact and discretion make a discernible difference to our clients. The truth allows them to move forward in life, perhaps not in the way they’d previously imagined but knowledge is power. Speculation is exhausting.

Please contact us about:

  • Investigations in Leeds.
  • Undercover investigations in Leeds.
  • Surveillance in Leeds.
  • Cheating partners in Leeds.
  • Tracing individuals in Leeds.
  • Catfish investigations in Leeds.
  • Lie detector tests in Leeds.
  • Co-habitation investigations in Leeds.
  • Subletting issues in Leeds.
  • Fraudulent compensation claims in Leeds.
  • Vehicle tracking in Leeds.
  • Background checks in Leeds.
  • False sick leave in Leeds.
  • Moonlighting in Leeds.
  • Employee investigations in Leeds.
  • Bugging device sweeping in Leeds.

Our Leeds Detectives will help you with;

Cheating Partner Investigations in Leeds

Surveillance Services in Leeds

Tracing in Leeds

Vehicle Tracking in Leeds

Bug Sweeping in Leeds

Employee Investigations in Leeds

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