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Personal Injury Claims Reforms

Personal Injury Claims Reforms

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In 2018 the Association of British Insurers carried out a survey about personal injury claims.

As leading private detectives, we are always interested in data and how people feel that the system is working for them. We know that fraudulent personal injury claims are increasing, and they impact negatively on honest insurance customers, create issues in the workplace and are a major headache to the insurance industry aiming to reduce fraudulent activities.

Owl Investigations is at the forefront of personal injury fraud claims validation investigations in the area so if you have suspicions that an employee, customer, a friend or new foe is exploiting an opportunity at your expense then allow us to carry out a surveillance operation and garner information discreetly. Our evidence has been sufficient to have court proceedings halted. You don’t have to pay out without protecting your interests.

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The ABI and Consumer Intelligence findings make for interesting reading.

  • The compensation culture we live in means that vehicle related personal injury claims are up, but statistics show a fall in motor accident instances.
  • 87% of those surveyed believed that legal costs were too high. Did you know that for each £1 compensation, an extra 50p is paid in legal fees?
  • 2/3 felt positive about the proposals to simplify personal injury compensation, including setting up an online process to make a low value claim. 71% would make a claim online.
  • 93% of the motor insurance providers, underwritten by ABI members, will pass on cost benefits of reforms.  


 “This survey highlights significant public support for the Government’s plans to reform the personal injury compensation system…Most people recognise the benefits of a simple, streamlined system for dealing with low value personal injury claims, that preserves access to justice, and would be confident to use it.

“Reforms in the Civil Liability Bill will mean a fairer system for claimants, motorists and compensators. This is why the Bill’s provisions must be implemented in full, and not watered down.” James Dalton, ABI’s Director, General Insurance Policy.

We help numerous employers across the region with personal injury claims integrity investigations. Hannah had an employee, Alison, who insisted that she had a bad back as a result of carrying files in a box and that she could not work for the foreseeable future. Alison refused to see her GP because “how can they tell what my back feels like?” This employee had a history of being absent, often using sickness allowance by the end of April each year (if not before) and this injury, occurring in May, seemed like a convenient opportunity for Alison to enjoy a holiday at Hannah’s expense. She knew the weight of the boxes was not great, no one else on the team involved in the same activity had suffered the merest twinge and yet the absentee employee claimed that she could barely move from her bed.

Owl Investigations employee investigations detectives were employed to carry out surveillance and discovered that Alison’s movements were not hampered. She could put the washing on the line, go shopping and attend spinning classes at the local gym.

Hannah took the necessary disciplinary action using our evidence.


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