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Is Your Spouse Having an Affair in Lockdown?

If you suspect your partner may be cheating during lockdown, you’re probably right. Affairs in lockdown can be more challenging, so pay attention to subtle changes in your spouse.

  • Changes in personality: guilt often manifests as anger or frustration. Cheater’s guilt may also cause your spouse to over-compensate with increased attentiveness and affection.
  • Changes in behaviour: with less personal space to hide in, your partner may become more active on text apps such as WhatsApp, leave the room to use their phone, close doors, change social media passwords and delete messages or internet browsing history.
  • Changes in habits: take note of renewed interests in grooming, smelling nice, exercise or eating habits. They may also change their taste in music or tv channels.
  • Excuses to leave home: enjoying long walks alone, drives to find ‘me-time’ or frequent trips to the supermarket can easily create opportunities for intimacy elsewhere.

Knowing the truth is the first step towards looking after your own safety and wellbeing.

Owl Investigations is here to help you find answers to your nagging questions, providing essential tools to uncover what’s really going on with discreet private investigator services for complete peace of mind.

Case Study

Until now, Hannah and her husband Chris had led relatively separate lives. Lockdown forced them to spend significantly more time together with both partners unexpectedly working from home. Hannah’s elderly mum was also temporarily living with them during lockdown, placing further strain on the family home.

Hannah noticed changes in Chris so she got in touch with Owl Investigations to look into a potential affair.

Chris, usually mild and easy-going, had become frequently angry and often frustrated at home. Whenever Hannah tried to talk to him, Chris became defensive claiming he needed time to himself. With each argument Chris took a long drive to cool off, spending hours away from home, returning much later in a friendlier, more attentive mood. This quickly evolved into another argument that Hannah felt was becoming a pattern.

She noticed too that he was seldom away from his phone, placing it face down whenever she was around. She discovered his social media passwords had changed and found no record of his browsing history on their shared computer.

When Hannah called Owl Investigations, she had no real evidence of an affair and was concerned about herself being paranoid or going crazy in lockdown.

Our team at Owl Investigations listened carefully to Hannah’s concerns and placed discreet surveillance on Chris. Using a GPS vehicle tracker and two surveillance agents working separately in isolation, we captured photo and video evidence of Chris having an affair with their long-term friend.

Hannah was extremely relieved to learn the truth and has moved in with her mum where they are both safe and well. Although difficult to hear, learning of Chris’s betrayal and his willingness to put her family at a significant health risk has given Hannah the strength she needed to leave her unhappy marriage with complete peace of mind. 



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