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False Insurance Claims – False Injury Claims – False Compensation Claims

Owl Investigations Ltd

False Insurance Claims

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False Insurance Claims In Leeds may be perpetrated by opportunists or criminal gangs operating scams like “crash for cash” in which motor insurance claims are made by passengers who weren’t in the vehicle or as a team embellish the event for a welcome pay out. Insurance companies utilise doctor’s notes and incident reports to make their awards but in serious cases, the doctor may be part of the gang.

False insurance claims nationally, across all insurance types, cost the industry £1.3 billion in 2016 with a similar amount probably going undetected.

False Insurance Claims Investigator

Owl Investigations False Claims

False Insurance Claims

This means approximately £50 is added to each premium according to the Association of British Insurers.

Honest people shouldn’t have to pay for the dishonest but sadly, this is where we find ourselves, despite £200 million investments to counter fraud annually.

Did you know that humans are biologically programmed to notice out of the ordinary behaviour, including body language? A lack of eye contact, fidgeting, even the direction of the eyes whilst thinking can reveal deceit. False insurance claims in Leeds investigations are caused as much by instinct as paperwork.

Amongst the Services we offer private investigator in Leeds specialise in;False Insurance Claims In Leeds

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Owl Investigations Ltd – False Insurance Claim Specialists

It’s highly likely that if you’re reading this that you have a suspicion that can’t be dismissed. We urge you not to ignore your inner voice, this allows a potential claim to go unchallenged; the fraudster wins.

We want to safeguard you by delivering the truth and inadmissible evidence. Owl Investigations was established in 2001 and since August 2017 we’ve been under new management. We’re available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and we’re friendly, sympathetic and efficient. Please contact our false insurance claims in Leeds specialists to obtain peace of mind.

False Insurance Claims in Leeds – 0113 4333106

The team is comprised of highly qualified and experienced professionals. We also possess objectivity which is an attribute the client doesn’t always have the advantage of. We plan and execute cases efficiently and cost effectively. Cutting-edge technology helps us to secure compelling data which can be used during court proceedings.

Here are some of the other vital attributes that Owl Investigations specialists bring to an investigation:

  • Accuracy
  • An appreciation of cause and effect
  • An understanding of people and motives
  • Diligence
  • Discretion
  • Empathy
  • Expertise
  • An innate sense of duty
  • Integrity
  • Motivation
  • Strategic thinking
  • Tenacity
  • Local knowledge

Investigations in Leeds – Owl Investigations Ltd

Owl Investigations Introduction

False Insurance Claims in Leeds

We are proud to be a local firm, charging local fees whilst regularly outperforming national investigation chains.

Subjects of false insurance claims in Leeds investigations never learn from us that they are or were part of our caseload. We guarantee confidentiality and comply with legal and industry standards, including the Data Protection Act. If you choose to tell them post investigation, this is your prerogative.

During a free initial inquiry, you can remain anonymous so why not ask our false insurance claims investigations team for their unbiased opinion?

Together, we can crack down on false insurance claims in Leeds.

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