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F A Q’s

How soon can you work on a case?

We aim to start the casework as soon as possible after we receive the client’s instruction.

Do you work on a case continuously? 

In many instances 24/7 activity on a case is unnecessary. We use time and resources wisely so that clients benefit from a cost-effective investigation.

 e.g. An undercover employee intimidation case cannot feasibly be worked on outside the workday.  When a suspected cheating partner is at home with the case instigator, what information can be gleaned by the professional investigator?

Should I trust my instincts?

Humans are biologically programmed to recognise when something is amiss. It is therefore rare that instincts are incorrect, no matter how distressing this may be.

Our sympathetic investigators have been told many stories that the client said was probably “only me being stupid.” Far from it, they were spot on. You deserve the facts, peace of mind and respect. 

Is my case confidential?

Always. We abide by industry rules and legislation. None of Owl Investigations operatives will ever act outside the law.

We are members of the UK Professional Investigators Network, work in accordance with the GDPA from the iCO (Information Commissioners Office).

Will someone find out they are or were being investigated?

We are proficient at our work and so nobody should be able to tell that they are under investigation. Our reputation would be very poor if we couldn’t achieve top level discretion. 

It’s entirely your decision whether to tell the subject or keep your counsel.

When you quote for an investigation can I expect additional costs to appear at a later stage?

No. We explain all costs in detail prior to any agreement being entered in to. There are no nasty surprises later.

If you quote to carry out an investigation am I bound to proceed?

A quote is always given with a no-obligation understanding. You can instruct us to proceed with the investigation or if you decide not to continue, you won’t hear from Owl Investigations again. 

What qualifications do Owl Investigations investigators hold?

Every member of the team is qualified to at least level 3 (AS/A level equivalent) in professional investigations and trained in advanced surveillance skills. They meet stringent in-house criteria and industry standards.

Are the investigators insured?

Every operative has comprehensive professional indemnity insurance and public liability cover. We don’t take unnecessary risks.

What information do you need to trace a missing person?

Minimal information is required to initiate a tracing in Leeds investigation:


  • Full name.
  • Last known address.
  • Date of birth.

An accurate address is often found within 48 hours. We have in-house and licenced databases, access information which is unavailable in the public domain and work with industry colleagues.

A no find-no fee service is offered on tracing investigations.

Are bugging devices a real-life problem?

Sadly, thanks to their availability online bugs are being utilised more for dishonourable purposes. Specialist bugging device detection is imperative to regain peace of mind.


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