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Whether you’re a private landlord or using the services of a trusted letting agency it’s likely you have a legal contract with your reference-checked tenant. Handing over your keys to a stranger is stressful, so for most landlords finding honest tenants who pay the rent on time and don’t break anything is a top priority.

Most tenancy agreements have a clause about sub-letting to protect both parties in a dispute. The landlord is responsible for abiding by local licensing laws, and the tenant is responsible for any damage caused to the property. Many mortgage lenders and buildings insurance companies have similar terms and conditions, which helps ensure that rental properties are not sub-let. This better regulates the system, ensuring all parties observe local tenancy, short-let and HMO laws.

These laws protect landlords and maintain health and safety by preventing issues such overcrowding, fire hazards and unsanitary living conditions. Sub-letting properties is heavily deterred for good reason. Fines are hefty, and the costs of repairs to severely damaged property can be exorbitant for landlords who are left high and dry by bad tenants.

In a worst-case scenario, unexpected fire in an overcrowded home can result in life-changing injury and loss of life, with final responsibility ultimately resting on the shoulders of the likely-uninsured property owner, should the health and safety standards not have been properly met.  

 Case Study

Josh had been renting his 3-bedroom flat in Leeds to a respectful couple as a private landlord. They paid their rent, made some minor improvements to the property and seldom contacted Josh for repairs. They seemed like ideal tenants, until a neighbour mentioned there had been many comings and goings from the flat since the couple had moved in.

Worried that sub-letting may be invalidating his insurance policy, Josh contacted the team at Owl Investigations to place discreet surveillance on the flat. The couple were observed regularly greeting guests with luggage, with the average guest staying two nights.

We investigated numerous online rental sites and discovered the flat was commercially listed as a bed and breakfast, as well as for exclusive use. Reviews for the bed and breakfast dated back to the time when the couple had first moved in, and it was also discovered that the same couple had multiple other listings for similar rented properties in and around Leeds.

Owl’s investigation provided concrete proof that the couple had rented Josh’s flat with the intention of using it for personal financial gain. This put them in breach of their tenancy agreement, giving Josh grounds for eviction. Having sought legal advice, Josh is now in the process of claiming significant damages for the fraudulent commercial of his assets, and damages caused to his property.

By carefully investigating his tenants Josh has mitigated potential insurance claim issues and removed the risk of his mortgage lender withdrawing his loan agreement. He is no longer risking receiving hefty fines for breaching licensing regulations and can now find better, more trustworthy tenants.


Is Your Spouse Having an Affair in Lockdown?

If you suspect your partner may be cheating during lockdown, you’re probably right. Affairs in lockdown can be more challenging, so pay attention to subtle changes in your spouse.

  • Changes in personality: guilt often manifests as anger or frustration. Cheater’s guilt may also cause your spouse to over-compensate with increased attentiveness and affection.
  • Changes in behaviour: with less personal space to hide in, your partner may become more active on text apps such as WhatsApp, leave the room to use their phone, close doors, change social media passwords and delete messages or internet browsing history.
  • Changes in habits: take note of renewed interests in grooming, smelling nice, exercise or eating habits. They may also change their taste in music or tv channels.
  • Excuses to leave home: enjoying long walks alone, drives to find ‘me-time’ or frequent trips to the supermarket can easily create opportunities for intimacy elsewhere.

Knowing the truth is the first step towards looking after your own safety and wellbeing.

Owl Investigations is here to help you find answers to your nagging questions, providing essential tools to uncover what’s really going on with discreet private investigator services for complete peace of mind.

Case Study

Until now, Hannah and her husband Chris had led relatively separate lives. Lockdown forced them to spend significantly more time together with both partners unexpectedly working from home. Hannah’s elderly mum was also temporarily living with them during lockdown, placing further strain on the family home.

Hannah noticed changes in Chris so she got in touch with Owl Investigations to look into a potential affair.

Chris, usually mild and easy-going, had become frequently angry and often frustrated at home. Whenever Hannah tried to talk to him, Chris became defensive claiming he needed time to himself. With each argument Chris took a long drive to cool off, spending hours away from home, returning much later in a friendlier, more attentive mood. This quickly evolved into another argument that Hannah felt was becoming a pattern.

She noticed too that he was seldom away from his phone, placing it face down whenever she was around. She discovered his social media passwords had changed and found no record of his browsing history on their shared computer.

When Hannah called Owl Investigations, she had no real evidence of an affair and was concerned about herself being paranoid or going crazy in lockdown.

Our team at Owl Investigations listened carefully to Hannah’s concerns and placed discreet surveillance on Chris. Using a GPS vehicle tracker and two surveillance agents working separately in isolation, we captured photo and video evidence of Chris having an affair with their long-term friend.

Hannah was extremely relieved to learn the truth and has moved in with her mum where they are both safe and well. Although difficult to hear, learning of Chris’s betrayal and his willingness to put her family at a significant health risk has given Hannah the strength she needed to leave her unhappy marriage with complete peace of mind. 



Owl Investigations – BLOG – Bug Sweeping: Who Is Listening To Your Conversations?

While bug sweeping services and corporate espionage may seem something all the famous action movies are made of, bug sweeping is actually something you may want to consider in your home or business. Espionage is a very real threat in this day and age, and it is not just business premises that are prime targets.

Listening bugs are easy to get hold of now. You can purchase them in a wide range of High Street stores, but also online. They are tiny in size and easy to install. This means you could have one anywhere in your home, business or car without having any idea. It’s a disturbing thought, but can often put your mind at rest or make sense of things when it seems a competitor seems to know your next move or your ex-partner seems to be wherever you are, just by ‘coincidence’.

When there are bugs in your home, but you don’t know, it can feel like you are paranoid or going mad. Yet when you have a bug sweeping service in your home, business or car, your mind is at rest. You weren’t going crazy after all. Someone could hijack your own technology and use it to relay confidential information. Without a bug sweeping service, you would never know!

If you think there may be bugs in your home the first thing to do is remove yourself from your premises. Then call in the bug sweepers here at Owl Investigations. We will run a complete, thorough and comprehensive bug sweep of your home, business or car.

While waiting for the bug sweeping to take place we would recommend you avoid using your landline or mobile phone. If possible use a friend’s phone, out of your house, or use a public payphone.

Anyone can become a victim of bugging. It could be a business competitor, an ex-spouse or a colleague for example. If you think your home is bugged, call out our bug sweepers now.


Great Traits Of A Great Private Investigator

Great Traits Of A Great Private Investigator

Owl Investigations Ltd

Local Private Investigator in Leeds

When looking for a private investigator, you want a great private investigator. But what makes a great private investigator? In this blog post we share just some of the great traits of a great private investigator that you can expect.

  1. A Problem Solver

A great private investigator will have excellent problem solving skills. They will have a good logical and analytical mind which allows them to think outside the box. Someone like this will help you find out what is going on, and uncover the truth for you.

  1. A Determined Person

Sometimes investigations and surveillance projects can take time. A really good trait of a private investigator is sheer determination. If there is something to uncover, you need someone that has the determination and perseverance to carry on. You do not want someone that will give up after a few attempts.

  1. A Discreet Person

When it comes to private investigators you want them to be discreet. It is essential that the ‘target’ does not know that they are under surveillance and being looked into. A great private investigator will treat all cases with confidentiality. The only way the person will find out that they are being investigated is if you chose to tell them.

  1. An Honest Person

You need to be sure that the private investigator you choose is honest. If they are not honest they could use illegal practices that result in your evidence being null and void in a court case. If the report cannot be used in court you could lose your case, even if you were the wronged party.These are just four of the great traits you want from a great private investigator. Here at Owl Investigations you will find that our private investigators are problem solvers, determined, discreet and honest. Call us not to discuss your needs for our detective services. We deal with every call with complete confidence.


Owl Investigations Ltd

Local Private Investigator in Leeds


Can A Private Detective Help Me Trace Debtors?

Every year reports show that businesses, landlords and councils are writing off millions pounds of debt. This occurs when debtors just seem to disappear. Sometimes this is a midnight flit and while they are there one day, they are completely gone the next day and there seems to be no way of finding them.

But is there a way that a private detective can help trace debtors?

In short, yes!

When it comes to collecting outstanding debts, it’s not quite as simple as just turning up on someone’s door and asking for the money. You must know their official residential address or business address. Notice must then be given to them of enforcement action. Otherwise the person that owes money can claim they had no awareness of this and notice was never received.

Leeds Investigators

This is essential information needed by the High Court Enforcement Officers or Debt Collectors. This is also the information that a private detective can help you get.

All you need to do is call a professional private detective, like the team here at Owl Investigations, and ask about their debtor tracing service. They will speak to you and take all the details you have for the debtor. This information and background knowledge will be used to find the address and location of the debtor.

You will then be provided with the official resident address and / or business address so notice can be sent, followed by debt collectors if no action is taken by the debtor.

Here at Owl Investigations we go much further that other debt tracing agencies. We use the most sophisticated and up to date technology and software to trace the debtor you are looking for. Our team of debtor tracers will search numerous databases and match your debtors’ details to addresses, phone numbers and emails to ensure you have all the proof needed to collect your debt.

We will then dig to the next level and find associated people such as family members, business partners or people living with the debtor. We can also collect financial information of your debtor to see if they have the ability to pay. This information will ensure that you can make an informed decision of chasing your debtor for payment and how long it could take to get your money paid back to you.

Here to Help – Owl Investigations

You have worked hard for your money. Here at Owl Investigations we don’t believe people should be able to take your hard-earned cash and walk away. This is why we offer a debtor tracing service to help you get your money back.

Contact our debtor tracing team now to see how we can help you.

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