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Surveillance Services in Leeds

Surveillance Services in Leeds

Thank you for visiting Owl Investigations Leeds surveillance services online information. Our Leeds dedicated operatives are here to help you to resolve issues in private, corporate, legal and even government led situations.

When you need surveillance services, please call the best local operatives with competitive fees, a commitment to accuracy and exceptional customer service levels. Contact us, we won’t let you down. 

Owl Investigations Ltd – Surveillance

Surveillance Services in Leeds

  • Fraudulent sick leave in Leeds.
  • Moonlighting in Leeds.
  • Industrial espionage in Leeds.
  • Employee investigations in Leeds.
  • Cheating partners in Leeds.
  • Fraudulent compensation claims in Leeds.
  • Co-habitation investigations in Leeds.
  • Subletting issues in Leeds.
  • Damage or disturbance to property surveillance in Leeds.

Owl Investigations was established in 2001 and since August 2017 the thriving company has been under new ownership. Our Leeds based surveillance services team delivers well executed operations and inadmissible high definition evidence. It’s our privilege to restore your peace of mind.

Amongst the Services we offer private investigator in Leeds specialise in;Surveillance Services in Leeds

or Contact Us Here

Surveillance Services in Leeds – 0113 4333106

Owl Investigations team members:

  • Guarantee confidentiality to every client.
  • Possess a commitment to duty, integrity and motivation.
  • Believe in exceptional customer service and strong working relationships.
  • Listen to the client and fully understand their goals pre-investigation.
  • Communicate effectively and update clients on progress during the case.
  • Charge local rates but regularly outperform national surveillance firms. 
  • Deliver results that can be used in divorce, disciplinary or any other legal action.

How to contact Owl Investigations surveillance in Leeds team

Phone: 0113 4333106

E-mail: [email protected]

It may appear as though surveillance services operatives are not really doing a lot for most of the time. This isn’t the case; when we sit in a vehicle or stand outside a building, we are 100% focused on the task. This requires endurance, sharp evaluation skills and motivation, which our team has in abundance.

The person or people under surveillance won’t realise that they are being scrutinised, we’re skilled at not being noticed.  We act in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998 and abide by all laws and industry regulations. You can confidently place your trust in our surveillance services team.

During a free initial inquiry, we don’t ask for your personal details.

We’re friendly, excellent listeners and we offer our professional advice based on experience. If you decide to proceed with surveillance services we normally arrange a confidential meeting with you at a location of your choice to discuss your requirements fully and explain how our surveillance services will help you to resolve your issue.

Costs are explained; rest assured that Owl Investigations isn’t a firm which has a pricing policy that leaves clients frustrated, facing nasty surprises and an escalating bill.

We never force our clients in to a course of action that they are not confident and content with. You can leave your surveillance service meeting at this point and you’ll never be contacted by Owl Investigations again. Alternatively, you can instruct us to work on your investigation.

It’s a partnership: The decision lies in your hands, data acquisition rests with us. Why not contact us today to learn more?

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Let Owl Investigations  Take You Under Our Wing

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