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Private Detective

Private Detective

Owl Investigations Leeds is a leading private detective services provider, established in 2001 and under new management since August 2017, we’re dedicated to helping Leeds individuals, businesses and legal professionals get answers and resolve issues.

Amongst the Services we offer private investigator in Leeds specialise in;

Private Detective

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Owl Investigators – Leeds Local Private Detective

  • Investigations and undercover cases – Our private detective Leeds team plans and executes investigations with dedication, accuracy and integrity. Cutting edge technology assists with data and evidence collection. We are adept at working undercover without our true purpose is disclosed. We react swiftly to the unexpected and don’t miss opportunities.
  • Surveillance – This is an integral tool in private detective work and it yields compelling results and admissible HD quality proof.
  • Cheating partners – This case type takes the lion share of our time and resources. We establish if a relationship is in jeopardy. We’ve learned that instincts are rarely at fault.
  • Co-habitation investigations – These cases are occurring with an increasing regularity. Our private detective Leeds team is hired to investigate a person who appears to be fraudulently claiming maintenance from an ex-partner.
  • Lie detector tests – Our private detectives are qualified test handlers. The subject’s physiological responses aren’t controllable, they can refute or confirm accusations regardless of the words uttered.
  • Subletting issues – When you suspect that a tenant is illegally subletting your property and you want to gain proof prior to an eviction, we can discreetly co-ordinate this.
  • Tracing individuals – We are proud to say that our dedicated private detectives frequently find an accurate address within 48 hours. Owl Investigations Leeds takes these cases on a “no find, no fee” basis.
  • Background checks – If it seems that someone is too good to be true in personal or professional life, contact us for a background check.
  • Moonlighting – Our private detectives consider being employed by more than one firm and moonlighting is a serious abuse of trust. Why the secrecy?
  • Fraudulent sick leave – Our private detective Leeds specialists discern if an absence from work has a genuine cause or is an excuse for a paid holiday.
  • Industrial Espionage – If you believe that a rival is receiving sensitive company data via an employee of your firm then please contact our private detectives immediately.
  • Employee investigations – This covers any employee based scenario, including theft, discrimination, intimidation and health and safety non-compliance.
  • Fraudulent compensation claims – We discreetly and proficiently investigate the integrity of an injury/compensation claim. High definition evidence can be used in legal proceedings.
  • Vehicle tracking – Cutting edge technology GPS tracking devices are used. Viable for one vehicle or a fleet. The accuracy is to within 5 metres.
  • Bug device sweeping – Audio and visual devices are increasingly available to the public to use unscrupulously.

Owl Investigations Ltd - Introduction

When you hire one of our private detectives you can be confident that they are:

  • Industry approved, qualified to a minimum of level 3 in professional investigations.
  • Hold advanced surveillance skills.
  • Confident with cutting-edge technology.
  • Personable and accessible, this helps us with undercover investigations as much as with client interaction.
  • Knowledgeable about Leeds communities, crime and socio-economic situation.

We replace uncertainty with facts that help people to move forward in life feeling empowered.

Please contact Owl Investigations private detective Leeds team today to initiate an investigation.

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