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Local Investigator in Leeds

Local Investigator in Leeds

We take you under our wing and deliver our promises. Local Investigator in Leeds.

Welcome to Owl Investigations. We are proud to offer the best services, as a leading local investigator in Leeds specialist.

Our focus is always on you, our client.

We offer a range of services that can make a considerable difference in day to day life and unwanted situations, often not of our client’s making.

Owl Investigations Ltd - Introduction

Local Investigator in Leeds

For friendly knowledgeable advice, a free quote or if you have a query about how our local investigator in Leeds operative can help you reclaim your peace of mind, then please contact us. We look forward to discussing your needs with you. Together, we’ll discover the truth.

Amongst the Services we offer private investigator in Leeds specialise in;

Local Investigator in Leeds

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Owl Investigators – Your Local Investigator in Leeds

As a renowned local investigator in Leeds our clients cite our confidentiality, clarity, competitive rates and case management as primary reasons for choosing and recommending us.

Below are some examples of cases that we handle:

Cheating Partner Investigations in Leeds

Surveillance Services in Leeds

Tracing in Leeds

Vehicle Tracking in Leeds

Bug Sweeping in Leeds

Employee Investigations in Leeds

Truth and empowerment go hand in hand

When your instincts are telling you that there is something amiss, please don’t bury your head in the proverbial sand. Humans are programmed to feel uneasy when something doesn’t seem right so it’s rare that you’ll be wrong.  An Owl Investigations local investigator in Leeds can carry out a full, discreet investigation and provide proof that can, although it may seem unlikely at first, lead to a positive new dawn.

Be brave.

We have heard a lot of “unbelievable” stories and claims that the client contacting us is “just being daft.” They were perfectly believable, accurate and later substantiated.  


Every local detective in Leeds from Owl Investigations is:

  • Qualified to at least level 3 in professional investigations and holds advanced surveillance skills.
  • Accustomed to serving legal, professional and private clients.
  • Rarely fazed; we expect the unexpected.
  • Motivated to go the extra mile and secure the highest levels of service.
  • Law abiding, and industry approved.
  • Vetted, approved and monitored by our directors subject to our stringent criteria and industry guidelines.
  • Case deployment ready, discreet, dedicated, effective. Employs common sense and an understanding of cause and effect.
  • In possession of a suite of cutting edge technology tools.
  • CRB cleared and Information Commissioners Office (ICO) registered.
  • In possession of public liability and professional indemnity insurance policies.
  • Works in line with the Data Protection Act 1998.

We charge local rates but frequently outperform national rivals. Why look elsewhere?

  • Checking work history against an applicant’s CV details.
  • Vehicle tracking to learn if field-based employees are wherever they state they are at certain times.
  • Investigating whether suspicions about a cheating partner are correct.
  • Fraudulent maintenance claim investigations.
  • Lie detector tests to resolve acrimonious situations including theft and abuse.
  • Locating a missing family member, friend, debtor or witness in a legal case.
  • Discerning the integrity of a compensation claim and providing evidence which can be used in court and to halt proceedings.
  • Stock is going missing from the depot, training error or theft?


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Let Owl Investigations  Take You Under Our Wing

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