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False Sick Leave Investigations in Leeds

Owl Investigations False Sick Leave Investigations

Do you have reason to suspect your staff of malingering, false absenteeism, persistent and repetitive sickness?

Welcome to Owl Investigations. Established in 2001 and under new ownership since August 2017, our team of dedicated and discreet professionals are ready to help you to learn the truth about an employee absence. When HR procedures have garnered less than satisfactory results, call us to undertake false sick leave investigations in Leeds.

Efficiently and cost-effectively, we carry out false sick leave investigations in Leeds and the surrounding areas.  Our individual and collective knowledge, skills and experience guarantees that your investigation is in safe hands.

Owl Investigations Ltd – Employee Investigations

Rest assured that our false sick leave investigations in Leeds clients benefit from an unbreakable promise of confidentiality and the highest levels of professionalism and commitment.

People are increasingly willing to take the risk and act illegally for financial gain. The compensation culture and opportunistic mindset have an impact on businesses the length and breadth of the country. Employers can’t afford not to have false sick leave investigations in Leeds; without them comes a cost to local prosperity and job security.

We appreciate that it is not a welcome or comfortable moment when you decide to call in professional investigators. Don’t shy away from doing so, you deserve the truth. We’re here to help.

Amongst the Services we offer private investigator in Leeds specialise in;False Sick Leave Investigations in Leeds

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 Owl Investigations – Experts In Catching Malingering Employees

The truth may not initially seem positive if an employee is taking false sick leave but at least the suspicions will have been replaced with facts supported by high definition quality evidence and the situation can be resolved. The alternative is to allow potentially false sick leave to impact on financial viability, productivity and morale. Moreover, when one employee is permitted to “get away with it,” others in the workforce may try their luck.

Owl Investigations employee-led caseload, including false sick leave investigations in Leeds has featured many protracted, unconvincing or ridiculous sick leave instances which we’ve debunked. We’re proud of our case management and accuracy. Our evidence can be used in disciplinary and court action. 

  • During a free initial inquiry, you can remain anonymous. It’s your right.
  • We’re understanding, excellent listeners.
  • Our false sick leave investigations in Leeds team offers a professional opinion based on several years of experience.
  • If you decide to proceed with your case, we discuss the requirements in detail and explain how our skills will benefit you, and your business.
  • Costs are explained fully. There will be no nasty shocks.
  • You can leave the matter here and you won’t be contacted by Owl Investigations again or, preferably for your peace of mind, you can instruct us to start work on your false sick leave investigation.
  • Regular updates are provided to our clients in a manner pre-agreed with them.
  • Learn quickly whether the employee is telling the truth about their illness or whether their case is worthy of disciplinary action.

Owl Investigations and its operatives are industry accredited, abide by legislation, including the GDPR; are Information Commissioners Office (ICO) registered, and CRB checked and approved. We hold comprehensive indemnity insurance, are members of the UK Professional Investigators Network and strive for excellence.

Please contact us today to establish how we can restore your peace of mind; by phone on 0113 4333106 or if you prefer to use e-mail it’s [email protected]

Let Owl Investigations Take You Under Our Wing

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