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Employee Investigations in Leeds

Owl Investigations Ltd

Employee Investigations in Leeds

Employee Investigations

Do you have reason to suspect your staff of malingering, false absenteeism, persistent and repetitive sickness?

Welcome to Owl Investigations Leeds employee investigations information. Every case that we take on benefits from total confidentiality and exceptional investigation work. We won’t let you down.

We’ve been in operation since 2001 and came under new ownership in August 2017. It’s our privilege to help private individuals, companies, the legal sector and government departments. Our operatives are highly qualified and skilled at planning and executing casework, including employee investigations.

Employee Investigations

Owl Investigations - Employee Investigations

Employee Investigations

Second only to cheating partners investigations, employee investigations demand the greatest amount of our attention. These cases can be concerned with diverse areas from workplace theft to industrial espionage, bullying to a lack of compliance with the law. In our extensive experience, we’ve seen it all, from the desperate to audacious, cruel to almost machiavellian scheming by employees for their own benefit.

False sick leave and compensation claims are increasing in volume. The chance of easy money and the compensation culture’s influence lead people to act fraudulently, despite knowing the risks to themselves and their liberty if caught.

Amongst the Services we offer private investigator in Leeds specialise in;Employee Investigations

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Owl Investigations – Experts In Catching Malingering Employees

Few fraudsters with the pound signs or time off in mind, consider the ramifications for colleagues; job security, dips in productivity and morale. Or the enterprise they are defrauding’s ability to operate and prosper whilst honouring sick leave payments which are not being demanded ethically or paying for an injury at work which in truth was a lot less severe than the claimant stated.

Without an employee investigation at the earliest instance a likely repercussion is that fellow employees will be tempted to take their chance to enjoy false sick leave, behave badly or pilfer stock from the company. After all, the other person “got away with it.” Where’s the risk? This could result in a business being ruined.

If you’re in a difficult situation in this investigation area we’d be pleased to take on your employee investigation and obtain the truth with inadmissible evidence that can be used in disciplinaries and court hearings.

When all reasonable HR processes have been exhausted there is only one viable option, a professional investigation; we can work undercover, keep surveillance, garner evidence discreetly, assess the severity of an issue and keep the client informed throughout the case.  

Owl Investigations employee investigations team works cost effectively, accurately and with integrity.

  • During a free initial inquiry, you can remain anonymous.
  • Our experts offer their professional advice based on years of experience in employee investigations.
  • If you proceed, we meet at an agreed location to discuss your case requirements. Our competitive costs are explained, and a no obligation quote prepared.
  • We don’t force clients in to a course of action that they aren’t happy to pursue. You have the choice whether to initiate an employee investigation.

Our specialists have the individual and collective experience to know that it’s rare for clients’ instincts not to have truth at their foundations.  It’s probable that you aren’t imagining something, and your mind isn’t playing tricks on you. 

Although hiring professionals can be daunting, please take the step. It’s the only one that delivers peace of mind.

Let Owl Investigations Take You Under Our Wing

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