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Catching Cheating Partners

Owl Investigations Ltd

Catching Cheating Partners

West Yorkshires No1 Private Investigators

A cheating partner investigation can have positive results

This is Sue’s story and it will seem familiar, this is an increasingly regular problem in today’s world. Owl Investigations are pleased that we could help her and that she has been kind enough to share her situation.

“Hello. Owl Investigations probably saved my sanity. I was not eating properly, couldn’t sleep, my mind wouldn’t rest, it was constantly alert for clues. I was convinced that my marriage of 22 years was under threat. My son and daughter no longer lived at home so at first I wondered if I was suffering from empty nest syndrome.

Later, I made a list of changes in my husband, Roy. For about six weeks he’d been moody, uncommunicative, always too tired to do anything with me, he guarded his mobile phone as though it was made from gold and had bought three new suits for work to smarten up his appearance.  He went from a jumper and shirtsleeves man to a sharp suit wearer overnight.

When I explained my suspicions to a friend over lunch, tears included, she said her other half, Mike, had heard rumours but she hadn’t told me as they couldn’t be proven. Mike had seen him a few times driving in the opposite direction to our home instead of the normal commute route but again, this didn’t prove an affair.

When Roy went for a bath I opened his briefcase, he hadn’t locked it, thankfully. His bank statements were incriminating. Someone was dining at posh restaurants and enjoying spa days in the Yorkshire Dales, but it certainly wasn’t me.

Urged on by my friend who had a brother who’d used them to trace a debtor, I called Owl Investigations. I needed incontrovertible evidence before I challenged my cheating liar of a husband.

The man who answered the phone at Owl was friendly, sympathetic, logical and didn’t mind me wailing down the phone at him! Owl Investigations cheating partner investigation team member told me that instincts about cheating partners are rarely wrong, that I wasn’t paranoid, going mad or creating a nightmare scenario because the kids had left home and I was “bored.”

I was told how a cheating partner investigation would help me, the methods they used, from surveillance to GPS vehicle tracking devices and what the fee would be. It wasn’t as much as I’d imagined; and I would probably have paid more to have Roy caught out and sweating on what I would do next.

Owl Investigations kept surveillance, took photos of him and her and tracked his movements.

It’s been a difficult time, but he didn’t have a leg to stand on when it came to the divorce settlement. He realised that he’d thrown 22 years of marriage away on a fling but funnily enough called me unreasonable for not forgiving and forgetting. The kids were stunned that their dad could be deceitful.

I have found peace of mind again. He’s hanging on to the lover, but he’s not happy. He thinks she may cheat on him! Many thanks to Owl Investigations cheating partners investigation team.”

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