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Bug Sweeping

Owl Investigations Ltd

Bug Sweeping in Leeds

Thank you for visiting Owl Investigations Leeds bug sweeping information.

Bugging devices are a real-world problem, often used for underhand practices. This case area is an increasingly demanding one and it requires special attention for effective resolution. If you believe that you need bug sweeping services, then please contact our highly qualified and experienced team. Confidentiality, respect and efficiency are guaranteed.

Owl Investigations reputation has been built on consistent outstanding performance. We listen to our clients and we know what is important to them and how our skills can alleviate their distress, anxiety and suspicions. We deliver our promises.

Owl Investigations - Bug Sweeping

Experienced Bug Detection Specialists in Leeds 

From day one back in 2001, the team has accurately achieved cases in a timely, cost-effective, industry approved and legislation meeting manner and we are proud members of the UK Professional Investigators Network.  

Since August 2017 Owl Investigations Leeds has enjoyed having new owners and we’re as dedicated as ever to our bug sweeping investigations.

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Amongst the Services we offer private investigator in Leeds specialise in;Bug Sweeping in Leeds

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Bug Sweeping in Leeds

Why would someone in your personal or professional life choose to employ covert technology? What do you have that they want?

Information? Clients? Knowledge of a tender for a job?

Proof of an affair? Personal data which can be used fraudulently?

Why would they not wish you to know that they are aware of something?

Do you seem to be developing a sense of paranoia which is completely out of character? This can be a primary clue that there is a need for bug sweeping.

The significant advances in technology during the last few years and the increasing online availability of bugging devices which feature video and audio tools means that bugs are no longer the province of spy novels and films. Your “paranoia” could be well founded. Humans are programmed to feel uneasy when they detect that something is not quite right, out of the ordinary or someone falsely represents themselves.  

Whilst many of the below instances could be perfectly innocent, consider:

If you have received an unscheduled visit from someone recently or an impromptu/unplanned or additional maintenance call for on-site facilities, perhaps the burglar alarm, the emergency lighting, utilities meter readings or checks, a local authority pest controller who had allegedly received a complaint?

Has someone given you an unexpected gift, a new ornament, a radio, device, certificate or plaque? These may be housing a bug. 

Bug sweeping is an intensive process and investigates offices, homes, cars, bags or briefcases, even outbuildings, garages, the factory floor, a summerhouse or shed. 

Bug sweeping operatives know the tricks used by perpetrators of industrial espionage and the clumsy mistakes made by novices. If there are devices, our bug sweeping team will find them.

A word of warning: Please don’t make a search, obvious or seemingly subtle, for bugs yourself. This may alert the person who planted it to your suspicions. We have heard of people smashing objects and tearing upholstery in an extreme effort to find bugging devices. This can be an expensive error. Trust specialists with proven track records.  We’re here to restore your peace of mind.

If you are contacting us to discuss existing concerns about your privacy, we advise you email or call us from a location removed from the suspected target area.

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