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Bug Sweeping in Leeds

Owl Investigations Ltd

Bug Sweeping In Leeds

Welcome to Owl Investigations Bug sweeping in Leeds page.

Bug sweeping in Leeds is an increasing demand on our resources.

Did you know that typing in “electronic bugs” on a search engine opens the online doorway to bug kits, schematics, bugging devices with audio and/or visual capabilities, laser microphones, remote activation and mobile phone activated bugs?

You don’t need to hold a degree in technology, science, spying, subterfuge or possess a criminal mind to access them. All you need is money and a reason.

Bugs are an increasing real-world problem. Although they’re used by government agencies and law enforcement officers for good, other less reputable people install them to spy on competitors, spouses, business partners or staff to garner information which they shouldn’t be able to hear or see. If they were entitled to know something they wouldn’t require the bugging devices, would they?

Bug Sweeping in Leeds Video

Owl Investigations - Bug Sweeping

Bug Sweeping in Leeds

Every bug sweeping in Leeds investigation specialist asks why a person or group of people would take this measure and exactly what they can gain from listening or viewing your conversations, meetings, car journeys or social activities.

You should call our bug sweeping in Leeds team at the first suspicion that a third party is aware of confidential or sensitive data. We need to establish if you’re being bugged, where and how many devices are in use so we can limit the damage to your business or personal life. From here, we can identify the culprit.

A word of advice: You have an assurance of 100% confidentiality from Owl Investigations, a member of the UK Professional Investigators Network, so please don’t keep secrets because these may have a huge bearing on the bugging investigation’s outcome and success. We can find the devices with specialist skills but we do need your input to get to the heart of the matter.

Amongst the Services we offer private investigator in Leeds specialise in;Bug Sweeping in Leeds

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Owl Investigations – Your Local Investigator in Leeds

We work in accordance with the Data Protection Act and accept responsibility for our actions and the management of your information. We treat every client with the utmost respect because they deserve it. You’re not going mad, paranoid, foolish or any other negative you can attribute to yourself in this situation. Follow your instincts because they are rarely at fault.

  • Have you received an unscheduled visit from a maintenance company, a competitor, a business associate or perhaps welcomed a new member of staff into your workspace? Their presence could have provided the opportunity to plant audio/visual bugging devices on your property.
  • Have you recently received any unexpected gifts, new ornaments, flowers or a framed certificate? These may house devices.


Bug sweeping is a specialist skill so please don’t try to locate bugs yourself.  Our bug sweeping in Leeds operatives know the tricks and errors of bugging device installers and we sweep every potentially affected space. Our experience, training and integrity are core strengths.

You can trust us to restore your peace of mind.

Our approachable, cost-effective bug sweeping in Leeds experts are eager to assist you. Please contact us to free yourself from suspicion and ceaseless questions about who your friends and enemies may be.

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Let Owl Investigations  Take You Under Our Wing

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