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Private Detective Leeds

Private Detective Leeds

Welcome to Owl Investigations – Private Detective Leeds.

Thank you for considering us for your private detective Leeds needs.

Established in 2001 and under new management since summer 2017, at Owl Investigations, we pride ourselves on being a local firm staffed by highly qualified private detective Leeds specialists. Our accomplished, discreet, well-resourced and industry approved team members have worked with several of the 780000 individuals, legal and commercial clients in the city with repeat business proving that we’re getting it right.

Owl Investigations Ltd - Introduction

Private Detective Leeds

As one of the best private detective Leeds firms we urge you to be brave. However daunting or trivial you may feel that your issue is, if it’s causing you distress, we can help to restore your peace of mind. From tracing missing people to employee investigations to illegal tenants to fraudulent compensation claims, our comprehensive range of services can empower you.

We gather the inadmissible data and compelling evidence that clients require in a timely and cost-effective manner; always acting within the law and industry standards. We never make promises that we can’t keep.

Amongst the Services we offer private investigator in Leeds specialise in;Private Detective Leeds

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Owl Investigators – Local Private Detective Leeds

  • Investigations and undercover work require our specialist skills. Discreet data gathering and adaptability, without being discovered, are key components in our workdays. Private detective Leeds professionals expect the unexpected and are seldom fazed.
  • Surveillance demands alertness, patience and quick decision making. Whether surveillance takes two hours or ten, two detectives or several groups, on foot or in vehicle, we don’t miss our opportunities.
  • Tracing individuals carries the “feel good factor.” Our private detective Leeds team finds missing people on a “no find, no fee” basis.  We use license holder databases and global contacts which the public don’t have access to. An accurate address is normally given to the client within 48 hours.
  • Cheating partner’s investigations are a staple in our workload. Although it’s human nature to try to avoid confrontation and to convince yourself that suspicions are unfounded, we know that instincts are rarely incorrect.
  • Lie detector tests through Owl Investigations private detective Leeds team are handled proficiently. Suitable for many situations, the subject’s physiological responses, which cannot be controlled, are excellent signals of truth and lies.
  • Co-habitation investigations originate from two scenarios. They can confirm when a new partner is living with your ex-partner but they are still claiming financial support, and if a tenant is subletting your property without permission.  Both activities are illegal, and we provide inadmissible proof that you can utilise in court.
  • Fraudulent sick leave and compensation claims are increasing in volume, but Owl Investigations private detective Leeds operatives are renowned for uncovering the truth. Don’t allow fraud to jeopardise your wellbeing.
  • Employee investigations cover any scenario that involves an employee, from workplace theft to intimidation and abuse of legislation.
  • Vehicle tracking via cutting edge technology GPS devices delivers accurate readings up to every 10 seconds. Ideal for fleet or single vehicle monitoring. Text alerts can be set up for specific areas.
  • Bug device sweeping requires specialist skills. Their increasing availability to the public means that bugs are a real life issue.

Please contact Owl Investigations private detective Leeds team today to initiate an investigation.

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