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Private Detective in Leeds

Private Detective in Leeds

Welcome to Owl Investigations private detective in Leeds online information. We’re proud to be Leeds based, Leeds focused. 

Since 2001, we’ve been serving the city’s businesses, individuals and legal professionals. Can we help you find clarity in a troubling situation?

Owl Investigations Ltd - Introduction

Private Detective in Leeds

  • Since August 2017 we’ve been under new exceptional management.
  • We’re members of the UK Private Investigators Network, comply with the Data Protection Act 1998 and have all necessary industry accreditations.
  • Each of our private detective in Leeds team members has been CRB checked and Information Commissioners Office registered.
  • Every private investigator holds, as a minimum, level 3 qualifications in professional investigations and has advanced surveillance skills.
  • Unlike many national firms we’re community aware.

Amongst the Services we offer private investigator in Leeds specialise in;

Private Detective in Leeds

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Owl Investigations – Private Detective in Leeds

When you need confidential and cost effective private detectives, investigations, undercover work, surveillance, tracing and tracking cases completed, call the best, first time.

Our private detective in Leeds dedicated team is friendly, tactful and sympathetic. We offer advice, formulate effective plans of action and provide high quality definition evidence to support our findings. We utilise our collective and individual experiences, to achieve our clients’ investigation aims. We can make a huge difference to day to day life and exceptional situations.

You may be distressed, suspicious, confused or dreading the potential truth. You might wish that you could ignore your instincts but our private detective in Leeds specialists know from experience that instincts are rarely wrong. We are biologically programmed to notice when something is not quite right.

You may not be sure whether you need our assistance, ask yourselves some questions, for example:

Cheating Partner Investigations in Leeds

Surveillance Services in Leeds

Tracing in Leeds

Vehicle Tracking in Leeds

Bug Sweeping in Leeds

Employee Investigations in Leeds

Owl Investigations – Private Detective in Leeds

  • Do you need to locate a missing person? We source information via licenced databases and contacts which aren’t available in the public domain.
  • As a business owner, landlord or homeowner are you confident that you are protected against underhand activities? Could surveillance, an undercover investigation or lie detector test prove essential to restoring calm?
  • Do you want to know where field staff members are when they’re out of the office? Tracking devices are accurate to within 5 metres.
  • Do you have a troublesome neighbour that our private detectives could place under surveillance? This could provide evidence for a criminal investigation.
  • Someone new in your online life is asking a lot of questions. Are they harmless and curious or attempting to lure you into giving money or information which helps them to carry out fraud? A catfish investigation can save a lot of heartache.
  • Sometimes an interviewee can be just a little too perfect. Is their CV honest or have they tailored it to gain employment? A background check by one of our private detective in Leeds team answers all doubts.
  • Is your partner cheating? We can’t rewrite history or create fairy-tale endings, but we can tell you exactly where you stand in your present relationship. Facts are less draining than suspicion and sleepless nights.  
  • Do you suspect that your ex-partner is claiming financial support from you although they have a new partner and habitation situation? This is fraud, not just unfair.
  • Are you being played for a fool? Fraudulent compensation claims are motivated by greed and opportunity.


Contact Owl Investigations private detective in Leeds team to reclaim your peace of mind.


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Let Owl Investigations  Take You Under Our Wing

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