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Personal Injury Claims Reforms

Personal Injury Claims Reforms

Owl Investigations Ltd

Personal Injury Claims Specialists

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In 2018 the Association of British Insurers carried out a survey about personal injury claims.

As leading private detectives, we are always interested in data and how people feel that the system is working for them. We know that fraudulent personal injury claims are increasing, and they impact negatively on honest insurance customers, create issues in the workplace and are a major headache to the insurance industry aiming to reduce fraudulent activities.

Owl Investigations is at the forefront of personal injury fraud claims validation investigations in the area so if you have suspicions that an employee, customer, a friend or new foe is exploiting an opportunity at your expense then allow us to carry out a surveillance operation and garner information discreetly. Our evidence has been sufficient to have court proceedings halted. You don’t have to pay out without protecting your interests.

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The ABI and Consumer Intelligence findings make for interesting reading.

  • The compensation culture we live in means that vehicle related personal injury claims are up, but statistics show a fall in motor accident instances.
  • 87% of those surveyed believed that legal costs were too high. Did you know that for each £1 compensation, an extra 50p is paid in legal fees?
  • 2/3 felt positive about the proposals to simplify personal injury compensation, including setting up an online process to make a low value claim. 71% would make a claim online.
  • 93% of the motor insurance providers, underwritten by ABI members, will pass on cost benefits of reforms.  


 “This survey highlights significant public support for the Government’s plans to reform the personal injury compensation system…Most people recognise the benefits of a simple, streamlined system for dealing with low value personal injury claims, that preserves access to justice, and would be confident to use it.

“Reforms in the Civil Liability Bill will mean a fairer system for claimants, motorists and compensators. This is why the Bill’s provisions must be implemented in full, and not watered down.” James Dalton, ABI’s Director, General Insurance Policy.

We help numerous employers across the region with personal injury claims integrity investigations. Hannah had an employee, Alison, who insisted that she had a bad back as a result of carrying files in a box and that she could not work for the foreseeable future. Alison refused to see her GP because “how can they tell what my back feels like?” This employee had a history of being absent, often using sickness allowance by the end of April each year (if not before) and this injury, occurring in May, seemed like a convenient opportunity for Alison to enjoy a holiday at Hannah’s expense. She knew the weight of the boxes was not great, no one else on the team involved in the same activity had suffered the merest twinge and yet the absentee employee claimed that she could barely move from her bed.

Owl Investigations employee investigations detectives were employed to carry out surveillance and discovered that Alison’s movements were not hampered. She could put the washing on the line, go shopping and attend spinning classes at the local gym.

Hannah took the necessary disciplinary action using our evidence.


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Undercover Investigations

Owl Investigations Ltd

Undercover Experts

Leeds Local Private Detective

Client A contacted us to help him to resolve a workplace situation which was sensitive and very unwelcome.  

Racial discrimination is illegal, and no one should have to contend with prejudice. Unfortunately, X, an employee at Client A’s company, met with inexcusable behaviour in the work environment. They suffered without comment at first and then felt that management needed to be informed, if not for her sake then for anyone else who was being discriminated against. 

She told her line manager that she was being called names, was treated as inferior and without any manners by the person who we’ll call B. She was, sadly, familiar with similarly minded people but day in, day out with this person was wearing her down and she had considered taking days off, faking illness, to escape from B’s vitriol.

She was concerned about ramifications, but she wanted B to be challenged about their actions. Client A was informed by the line manager, and promised that positive steps would be taken.

Owl Investigations Ltd - Introduction

Owl Investigations – Leeds Local Private Investigators

Client A contacted Owl Investigations who swiftly acted on the allegations of discrimination by planting an undercover operative in the workplace to assess the situation. Only the line manager and Client A were aware that the temp working alongside X and B was a private investigator. His true identity was not revealed to any other worker before, during or after the case work; Owl Investigations team are accomplished at melting in to an environment, ingratiating themselves with others and gathering data.

B was recorded several times over one week being not only disrespectful but intimidating towards X.

Client A called B to a disciplinary hearing and presented our findings to them. B was sacked, tried to take the firm to an employment tribunal but was unsuccessful. The evidence provided by Owl Investigations was compelling proof that there was no room for appeal.

In another case, an undercover investigator was called in to a workplace in which there seemed to be a consistent leak of information to the sales team of the firm’s largest rival. Two large clients had signed with the competitor after several years with the company we were contacted by.

Industrial espionage can be as simple as the handover of documents which a third party has no right to see or an e-mail giving a sales lead and quote information. It’s unethical and can severely affect a business’ prosperity and with it, the workforce’s job safety.

Surveillance operatives from Owl Investigations also monitored the movements of the chief suspects.

It transpired that a new sales rep. was a plant and that she was passing data to her “real” employers, the company which was subsequently winning contracts from our client.

Our undercover investigator played a vital role in ensuring that the sales rep’s underhand activity was halted promptly. 

Please don’t assume that every loyal employee is as committed as they appear; they can do irreparable damage. It may not feel a comfortable option, but an undercover investigation can make the difference between survival and ruin.

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Body language reveals a lot about you

Owl Investigations Ltd

Leeds Local Private Investigator

Body Language Giveaways

Did you know that we’re programmed to detect when we’re being lied to or when information is being hidden?

Even before we hook someone up to a lie detector test we can have a very good instinctive idea about a subject’s probable innocence or guilt thanks to their non-verbal communication. What the body does is approximately five times more effective than the spoken word. Professional liars, con artists and cheating partners who may look to avoid displaying tell-tale signs will still reveal their deception because the sub-conscious mind responds to a question or thought before the conscious mind does, if only for a moment. A tightened jaw, a twitch or a dark look can be their undoing.

In that moment the person has no control over their non-verbal communication; it is invaluable when assessing people’s integrity. Data collected during a lie detector test calculates perspiration, respiration and other indicators to create a comprehensive suite of information. Evidence is analysed within context and the gesture patterns shown during a baseline test.

Some basic body language:

  • An open posture:  the trunk (chest) of the body is open and exposed. This posture illustrates friendliness and honesty.
  • The closed posture: The torso is hidden. hunched forward, arms and/or legs crossed. Clues that the subject is defensive and anxious.
  • Arms:Close to the body means the person may be trying to make themselves smaller, perhaps a confidence or defence mechanism; widened arms suggest that they are trying to be bigger, more of an impressive, dominant presence.
  • Hands on hips: In control of the situation, ready to start. Or an aggressive stance.

Even when a person isn’t speaking, their mouth can communicate true emotions.

  • Chewing on the bottom lip:Anxiety, uncertainty and fear.
  • Pursed lips: Tightening of the lips is an indication of disapproval or distrust.
  • Lip biting: People sometimes bite their lips when they are worried, anxious, or stressed.
  • Covering the mouth or face: Instinctively, a child covers their mouth when they tell a lie and may cover their ears, so they supposedly won’t hear anything they don’t want to. Adults often touch the face to conceal lies, exaggeration or uncertainty. On the flip side, shy and unconfident people may cover part of their face as a protective measure.

Remember the saying that the eyes are the window of the soul? They also unveil deceit.

  • Solid eye contact: When a person looks directly in to your eyes they are either interested and engaged or if the look seems to last for too long, this is threatening.
  • Breaking eye contact:A clear sign that the person is uncomfortable, lying, hiding something.  
  • Pupil size: The pupil dilates when a person is lying – and the light levels do not change.
  • Blinking: A natural reflex that speaks volumes; uncomfortable or distressed people tend to blink more and if a subject tries to manage their blinking to confuse us, this appears awkward, there is no rhythm.

If you think you have a liar in your midst, call us about a lie detector test.  We’ll discern the truth using science and experience.

Catfish Investigations

Catfish investigations: A lesson learned

Owl Investigations

Leeds Private Investigator

“I met Sarah online. We had the same interests and both of us had just been through horrible break-ups. It was like talking to the other side of the same coin, she understood everything that I’d gone through. My brother, who is naturally more suspicious than me, wondered if this online angel who seemed so wonderful was for real. I said that I’d asked a lot of questions; we’ve all heard stories of online relationships being based on lies so I had wanted to reassure myself.

We talked for a week or so, but she was reluctant to meet up. She said it would be difficult, whatever that meant.  

It was during the third week chatting to her that she broke down in tears and told me that she was in arrears with her rent and that the landlord was threatening to evict her. I asked her how much she needed. £2000 would be enough to pay off the arrears and cover the next month’s rent. She’d spent her money on her divorce, food and school clothes for her two daughters.

I did what I thought any friend would do if they could, I offered to lend her the money. Sarah refused but I, foolishly as it turned out, nagged her until she took the money. I posted a cheque that night.

And then reality hit. I never heard from Sarah again. Her online profile disappeared. Her e-mail address didn’t work, and she was no longer resident at the address she’d given me. Her ex partner was still living at the address and he said that he’d given her any mail that had come for her as they’d agreed. Panic! She had my money.

My brother looked as though he could kill me, or her, he was so angry that I’d been duped. He contacted Owl Investigations and arranged for a private detective to carry out an investigation on Sarah and the situation.  They didn’t call me an idiot or chastise me for being trusting. They told me that it sounded like I was the victim of fraud, and that a catfish investigation would reveal more.

“Sarah” was a known criminal and not actually called Sarah. She didn’t have any children and had no rent issues. She’d caught a ferry to Ireland once the cheque had cleared and was supposing that I wouldn’t seek a catfish investigation. She was arrested when she returned to the UK to see her sister who was under surveillance.

It hurt that someone could have used my compassion against me. I’ll be cautious of tales and who I chat to online, in fact, I’ve come off social media. My brother has been kind enough not to raise the subject again and I will hopefully accumulate the money over time. A criminal case found in my favour. That helps but to be honest, my pride is more wounded than my bank balance.”

Con artists test your susceptibility to lies and gain your confidence as they chat to you online. When there is an emotional or financial cost attached to a friendship please speak to Owl Investigations catfish investigation specialists.

Catching Cheating Partners

Owl Investigations Ltd

Catching Cheating Partners

West Yorkshires No1 Private Investigators

A cheating partner investigation can have positive results

This is Sue’s story and it will seem familiar, this is an increasingly regular problem in today’s world. Owl Investigations are pleased that we could help her and that she has been kind enough to share her situation.

“Hello. Owl Investigations probably saved my sanity. I was not eating properly, couldn’t sleep, my mind wouldn’t rest, it was constantly alert for clues. I was convinced that my marriage of 22 years was under threat. My son and daughter no longer lived at home so at first I wondered if I was suffering from empty nest syndrome.

Later, I made a list of changes in my husband, Roy. For about six weeks he’d been moody, uncommunicative, always too tired to do anything with me, he guarded his mobile phone as though it was made from gold and had bought three new suits for work to smarten up his appearance.  He went from a jumper and shirtsleeves man to a sharp suit wearer overnight.

When I explained my suspicions to a friend over lunch, tears included, she said her other half, Mike, had heard rumours but she hadn’t told me as they couldn’t be proven. Mike had seen him a few times driving in the opposite direction to our home instead of the normal commute route but again, this didn’t prove an affair.

When Roy went for a bath I opened his briefcase, he hadn’t locked it, thankfully. His bank statements were incriminating. Someone was dining at posh restaurants and enjoying spa days in the Yorkshire Dales, but it certainly wasn’t me.

Urged on by my friend who had a brother who’d used them to trace a debtor, I called Owl Investigations. I needed incontrovertible evidence before I challenged my cheating liar of a husband.

The man who answered the phone at Owl was friendly, sympathetic, logical and didn’t mind me wailing down the phone at him! Owl Investigations cheating partner investigation team member told me that instincts about cheating partners are rarely wrong, that I wasn’t paranoid, going mad or creating a nightmare scenario because the kids had left home and I was “bored.”

I was told how a cheating partner investigation would help me, the methods they used, from surveillance to GPS vehicle tracking devices and what the fee would be. It wasn’t as much as I’d imagined; and I would probably have paid more to have Roy caught out and sweating on what I would do next.

Owl Investigations kept surveillance, took photos of him and her and tracked his movements.

It’s been a difficult time, but he didn’t have a leg to stand on when it came to the divorce settlement. He realised that he’d thrown 22 years of marriage away on a fling but funnily enough called me unreasonable for not forgiving and forgetting. The kids were stunned that their dad could be deceitful.

I have found peace of mind again. He’s hanging on to the lover, but he’s not happy. He thinks she may cheat on him! Many thanks to Owl Investigations cheating partners investigation team.”

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